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How to end high-interest payments by refinancing to one low rate. 

This Training Will Show How To:

  • Relieve Monthly Pressures of covering multiple payments on high-interest bills.
  • Build Monthly Savings by lowering 19% -21% credit card interest charges by refinancing into a low interest mortgage rate.
  • Shave Years Off the Repayment of the Mortgage increasing equity & savings in overall interest charges paid over the long haul.

The Worry Of Monthly Payments, Expenses & Due Dates Are All Put to Rest With Debt Consolidation.  

The Opportunity to Build Wealth Is Achievable.  

Which Is Ultimately Why We Created This Webinar!

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How This Can Help:

 Alleviate Monthly Pressures By Ending The Cycle Of Interest Only Payments.

Recognize The Benefits Of Restructuring Debt And How This Method Increases Long Term Savings.


Shaving Years Off The Repayment Of High-Interest Debt Lets Equity Grow And Build Future Wealth.

Who we are:

Our passion for the past 14 years is Canadians reach their goals by providing professional advice when it comes to mortgage options.

We are experienced in understanding the fine print and helping clients achieve their goals and desires. 

VERICO, Gem Mortgages was founded in 2006.

Here's What Past Clients Are Saying:

"Couldn't be happier with the service, rates, and timely responses. Would highly recommend to anyone!"


"She takes all the hassle and guess work out of procuring the best rates for us and makes an otherwise daunting process a breeze."


"Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and ensured I was taken care of. Response times were fantastic!"


Say "good-bye" to high-interest debt.

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